Two Delicious, Simple and Healthy Breakfast on the Go

Two Delicious, Simple, and Healthy Breakfast on the Go - Are you a busy person? If yes, you might need a healthy breakfast on the go. What is actually breakfast on the go? This is kind of practical and quick serving breakfast that can be taken away. Breakfast on the go is quite popular recently, due to the morning rush hour people usually have. Here are two of breakfast on the go recipes you might be interested.

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Skinny Omelette Recipe

This healthy breakfast on the go is not difficult to make. Omelette is definitely everyone’s favorite for breakfast. To get this easy and quick breakfast, pay attention to the ingredients and cooking instructions below.
• 1 small handful of the mixed salad greens
• A bit of the goat cheese (or feta)
• 2 eggs, large
• A dollop of the pesto
• A tiny pinch of the fine grain sea salt

1. Use fork to beat eggs as well as the salt in the small bowl. Make sure that you beat them well until they’re uniform in the color mostly.
2. Pour the egg mixture in the largest nonstick skillet on the medium heat. Give it the good swirl so they can spread out across thinly the entire pan.
3. The next step of making this healthy breakfast on the go is to sprinkle the eggs with some of chives and wait until they set (15 seconds up to 1 minute).
4. Run the spatula underneath omelette. Slide it out of the pan onto the countertop.
5. Spread the pesto across the surface of that omelette. Then, sprinkle it with cheese and the salad greens. You need to start it with 1 end, roll the omelette away from your position.
6. Cut it in the half on the deep diagonal. Season with bit more salt (if desired).
7. Serve with garnish with few of the chopped chives. Your healthy breakfast on the go is ready to go.

healthy breakfast on the go, breakfast pizza margherita, skinny omelette recipe
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Breakfast Pizza Margherita

How about having pizza for breakfast? It sounds unfamiliar but you can try this one as your healthy breakfast on the go. Have a try to this easy breakfast recipe.
• 1 tsp of fresh basil, chopped finely
• ¼ shredded mozzarella
• 1 whole wheat of English muffin
• Fried egg (optional)
• 1 large slice of tomato
Steps of making healthy breakfast on the go:
1. Turn on the boiler you have.
2. Top 1 half of the English muffin with sliced tomato and shredded mozzarella.
3. Place it in the baking sheet with another half of English muffin.
4. Slide it under the broiler.
5. Broil till the cheese is already melted and turns into brown.
6. Remove from the oven. Add fried egg if you want, as well as the fresh basil. Top it with another half of English muffin.
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