Healthy Breakfast Pregnancy – 2 Quick and Fun Recipes with Easy Steps

Healthy Breakfast Pregnancy, 2 Quick and Fun Recipes with Easy Steps - Making pregnancy meals plan is needed for every mom. It is used to get rid of boredom menu especially breakfast. Breakfast is important not only for pregnant women but also all people. It is a pity that several people still ignore the benefit of breakfast. In average 2200 calories are needed by pregnant women, whereas 2000 is for overweight and 2400 calories a day for underweight women. For moms, they can also pick different menu for breakfast based on these delicious healthy breakfast pregnancy.

healthy breakfast pregnancy, pear and cheese breakfast sandwich, egg wrap

Pear and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

This healthy breakfast pregnancy is like a Holy Grail menu for all people including pregnant women. Not only used as lunch, this can be turned out into healthy fun breakfast. It is easy to make for single serving.
• A whole wheat English muffin
• ½ of large pear, cheddar cheese
• 2 teaspoons almond butter
How to make:
1. The first thing to do is to separate the muffin into two sides. Slice the pear with 1 bounce slice of cheese on top.
2. Put the cheese and sliced on broiler pan and cook for 2-3 minutes only. After the cheese is melted and the top browns, serve them all into a sandwich with the rest of half pieced pear and almond butter.
The healthy breakfast pregnancy menu is a quick and healthy meal with bunch of nutrition. Per serving, it includes 447.5 calories, 15.1g protein, 64.5g carbohydrate, 12.6g fiber, 23.2g sugar, 17.5g fat, 6.914g saturated fat, 29.8mg cholesterol, 0.149g total omega-3 FA, 314.7mg calcium, 2.688mg iron, 397.9mg sodium, 0.085mcg vitamin D, and 88.7mcg folate.

healthy breakfast pregnancy, pear and cheese breakfast sandwich, egg wrap
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Egg Wrap

The second healthy breakfast pregnancy recipe is egg wrap. This menu is suitable for those looking for protein and carbohydrate rich breakfast.
• Egg
• 2 teaspoons olive oil
• 1 cup baby spinach
• 10-inch whole wheat tortilla
• ¼ cup reduce fat shredded Mexican blend cheese
• ¼ salsa
How to make:
1. Make one scramble egg and one egg white with the olive oil.
2. Add the spinach and sauté until it is wilted.
3. Put the mixture of the tortilla with the cheese and complete it with salsa. It is done and enjoy.
As the healthy breakfast pregnancy is rich in protein and carbohydrate, it contains 453.4 calories, 26.2g protein, 44g carbohydrate, 6.86g fiber, 0.941g sugar, 21.2g fat, 5.989g saturated fat, 231.5mg cholesterol, 0.164g total omega -3 FA, 353.8mg calcium, 4.448mg iron, 856.6mg sodium, 0.438mg vitamin D, 123.6mg folate, and 16.8mcg folic acid.

Especially on the spinach, it probably does not taste sweet but it is full of vitamin and calcium. Besides, the folic acid is also great for baby. The other healthy vegetables to try are cucumber, radish, broccoli, carrot, lettuce, and so on. To accompany healthy breakfast pregnancy, it can also be used as mixture for making healthy juice. Let us say beetroot and spinach juice. It is good to gain more energy by improving the blood circulation to carry the oxygen for a whole body.
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