Some Online Colleges That Provide Early Childhood Education and Criminal Justice

Some Online Colleges That Provide Early Childhood Education and Criminal Justice - Nowadays, it is not easy to find a job unless you graduate from a university. So, studying in a university is not an option, but it is a must. So, you need to go to college to take your favorite major. In this digital era, studying in a popular university is not that difficult because you can now join online colleges. Through this brief article, we would like to share with you about online colleges and some fields that you can take to join this program.


The Definition of Online Colleges

What is an online college? You may be not too familiar with this term because it is actually a new term. Online college is actually a college program that students can take just in case they do not want to take in-class College. Basically, online college is similar to regular college, but students learn the materials or take a course online. They do not need to come to the campus because they can utilize their computer to take the course. Simply, this program can help any students who are too busy to manage their schedules because they also have to work while they are far away from the campus.

Some Fields Available in Online College

Somehow, not all of the fields or majors are available in the online program, but there are some fields that you may take online. Two available fields in the program are Early Childhood Education and Criminal Justice. Some of the American universities provide Early Childhood Education that you can take online or Criminal Justice that is available for online too. What is Early Childhood Education? Early Childhood Education is a program that every student can take if they want to become kindergarten students. Meanwhile, criminal justice is a field to study about crime and justice related to the law and order.

Online Colleges for Early Childhood Education

It is undeniable that today there are so many online colleges which you can find in the USA. You can find some online colleges in South Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, New York, and other states. But, there are only some campuses that provide Early Childhood Education program online. Some of the universities are:

• Southwestern College

The first university that you can join if you want to take Early Childhood Education is the Southwestern College which also offers an online program for this field. This will be your best chance if you want to become a professional elementary school teacher or pre-elementary school teacher. The cost per credit hour is about $455 anyway.

• The University of Alabama

The second choice of a university that offers Early Childhood Education program online is the University of Alabama which provides online bachelor’s degree in ECE. The ECE program focuses on Early Childhood Development and it also has a good accreditation from NAEYC. Meanwhile, the cost per credit hour is about $346.

• University of Washington

The next university with Early Childhood Education program online goes to the University of Washington for those who want to get bachelor’s degree without joining the in-class course. Technically, the ECE program online that you can take is the Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood and Family Studies. Students can take some course topics such as Exception children, Social Policy and Young Children and Families, and Positive behavior and Support in Early Childhood.

Online Colleges Criminal Justice

In addition to the Early Childhood Education program, you can also take Criminal Justice program online at some available colleges in the USA. Well, there are so many campuses which also provide this online program. Here are some colleges that you can join if you want to choose Criminal Justice for a focus of study.

• Washington State University

Washington State University is the first choice if you want to take Criminal Justice as the major. This campus has a lot of students and there are about 200 fields of study available from bachelor, master, to Doctoral degrees. Therefore, you can take online Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice with 49 credit hours that you have to complete.

• Pennsylvania State University

The second choice is the Pennsylvania State University that is usually known as Penn State which belongs to a public college with many campuses across the state. Nowadays, there are about 10000 students who study in this campus ad some of them take Criminal Justice. When you choose this field, you have to finish 120 credit hours with a wide range of topics.

• Arizona State University

People usually call it ASU that becomes one of the most popular colleges in Arizona with its various fields including Criminal Justice that you can take online. If you choose online Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, then you have to complete 120 credit hours for a few years. You can learn about courts, corrections, law enforcement, and other subjects in this program.

Well, those are a few universities that offer Early Childhood Education and Criminal Justice online. How to join the programs anyway? If you want to take one of those programs, then you really need to contact the college officials first so that you understand everything. You can also visit the official website of each university mentioned above. You will even know how much money you will spend to take this program. Of course, online college is more affordable than the direct class program. In this case, it can be your chance to save money while you can also manage your schedule.

Finally, that’s all you need to know about online college just in case you really want to join an online program with two field options. Early Childhood Education and Criminal Justice are not the only two options, but they can be the best choices if you really like them. So, you only need to choose a university that provides both of these programs online. In fact, there are many other colleges that offer Early Childhood Education and Criminal Justice online. Somehow, it is your decision to choose your favorite university to take those two programs. But, you need to make sure that you understand the policies and rules given.
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