Healthy Breakfast at McDonalds: Copycat Recipe

Healthy Breakfast at McDonalds: Copycat Recipe - Looking for healthy breakfast at McDonalds? Even though this restaurant is identical to fast food that sometimes is considered as unhealthy, still you can find some healthy menus out there. If you wish to make your own healthy breakfast based on McDonald’s menu, you can get the recipe and try to make it at home. Here are two healthy breakfasts that you usually find in McDonalds restaurant.

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McDonald’s Egg McMuffin

Egg Muffin is one of favorite menus for healthy breakfast at McDonalds. Instead of lining up before having one, try to make your own Egg McMuffin at home. Follow this copycat recipe.
• 1 wide slice of Canadian bacon
• 1 egg
• 1 English muffin
• 1 tsp of softened butter
• 1 slice of American cheese, better the yellow one
• Olive oil for coating ring and pan

Steps of making this healthy breakfast at McDonalds:
1. Pop English muffin to the toaster and set that to the level of desired crispness you want. Lay one ring mold over bacon as well as trace the paring knife around the edge it has. And the result will be round slice of ham. Discard the rest of it.
2. Use the pastry brush for coating the ring’s inside. Put that ring to the nonstick skillet. Heat it over the medium high heat. Coat the skillet lightly with the olive oil using pastry brush. Crack egg to the ring, and to break the yolk, use the edge of that cracked shell and tap.
3. Add little water to pan. Cook till the white has set and until the water is almost evaporated (1-1.5 minutes).
4. Remove the egg from pan, remove the ring mold. Wipe out the pan. And then put the Canadian bacon in pan till warmed. Butter the halves once English muffin is already toasted.
5. The last step of making this healthy breakfast at McDonalds is layering on the egg, cheese, bacon and also the other half of toast.

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McDonald’s Breakfast Burito

Who does not love burrito? This typical menu has been a favorite in McDonald’s for quite long time. Good news, burrito is also listed into one of healthy breakfast at McDonalds menus. Try to make one.
• 4 slices American cheese
• 4 flour or tortillas
• 2 tsp of white onion (minced)
• Black pepper and to taste
• 4 eggs (beaten)
Steps to make healthy breakfast at McDonalds:
1. Place crumbled sausage as well as onion in a skillet over a medium high heat.
2. Sauté that mixture for more or less 5 minutes till the sausage is browned.
3. Pour the beaten eggs to the skillet then scramble those eggs.
4. Add pepper and salt to taste when the eggs are already fluffy.
5. Heat the tortillas in microwave by putting damp paper towel on them. And then microwave it for more or less 20 seconds.
6. Add ¼ egg mixture into each of the tortilla.
7. Top it with 1 slice of the cheese and fold it closed.
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